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Sunday, May 09, 2004  

Spinning and Abu Ghraib

Justin writes: "I also heard Richard Perle on BBC Radio 4's "PM" show saying that at least the Abu Ghraib torture wasn't as bad as Saddam's use of the human shredder. This despite the fact that the human shredder story is an uncorroborated rumour from a *single* person in Northern Iraq, with no evidence ever found to support it. "

I watched Christopher Hitchens on BBC's Newsnight, who while appalled at the photos, also kept throwing in the '"We're still not as bad as Saddam" defence. Is Saddam the new benchmark for government then?

But the real question is; how on earth can Rumsfeld stay in office? For my centre-right readers in the US, this is not a triumphalist lefty demand. Those pictures and the clearly systemic nature of the humiliations are truly outrageous and Rummy and his pals are the ones who threw out the Geneva Convention. Their arguments regarding Guantanamo were extremely tenous but they had no case whatsoever to do likewise in Iraq: they were an occupying force and the Convention applies. End of story. He saw the files in January, and did nothing. His position is completely indefensible.

On a lighter note, A Few Good Men was on telly last night. Nicholson is masterful and the court room speech has got to be one of the finest in film history: "You need me on that wall etc etc". But I had forgotten his other one when Cruise and Moore go down to Guantanamo and Jack points out that Moore outranks Cruise and extols the virtues of receiving a blow job from a superior officer. It's stunningly outrageous as in the knock-out stun not the amazing stun. As Pee Flynn said about Beverly: a class act.

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