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Friday, May 07, 2004  


The NYT does a piece today about Lynndie England, the woman soldier so clearly visible in the photographs of the humiliation of Iraqi prisoners. The shock level around the photographs is obviously high and the NYT being one of the more reasonable publications in the US is focusing properly on the issue. However, I couldn't help noticing in the article that they say in passing:

"And just as Jessica Lynch's rescue from Iraqi troops became one of the biggest stories of the war, the story of the Abu Ghraib photographs has attracted hordes of news reporters to tiny Fort Ashby, a one-stoplight town in the West Virginia Panhandle that is perhaps best known for its history as an outpost in the French and Indian War."

The whole point about Jessica Lynch was that she was NOT rescued from Iraqi troops, but from a hospital where she was being cared for by Iraqi staff to the point of them donating their own blood for her and which had no military personel in the vicinity. The NYT has covered this aspect of the story before, but isn't it interesting how the myth is perpetuated anyway?

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