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Tuesday, June 08, 2004  

God and the constitution

Bleeding heart liberal that I am, I must record my objection to the objections to the mentioning of God in the EU constitution. God as we know it/him, is the one God for Christians, Jews and Muslims. Buddhists don't really mind who you believe in once you are enlightened. So who exactly is going to be offended? Apart from the oppressed aetheists. And somehow I get the feeling that when something awful happens to one of them, they secretly pray in their beds at night, just in case.

btw, I love the sarky comment from Jon regarding my Bush fatigue. Unfortunately, (for him) it perked me up no end. I'd had a good giggle watching the pope telling him off for his illegal/immoral war last week. The fact that the poor man is practically paralysed and drooling (pope not Bush) his way through his reprimand made it all the worse. GWB was literally squirming. Ha Ha.

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You see, you weren't that tired after all.

I don't know about other Jews, but I get pretty uncomfortable when Europeans starting congratulating themselves on their religious heritage. It suggests a lack of humility - and a terrifyingly short historical memory. As an American, I'm totally allergic to the yoking of religion and the state. Even if only a small minority of cranky atheists object to the mention god in the Constitution, a foundation document is no place to practice majoritarianism; rather, it should enshrine the type of political principles by which we intend to live.
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