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Wednesday, June 16, 2004  

Sopranos Series 5

We near the end of series 5 here in RTE land. It saddens me to admit that for the first time Tony has done something which has really disappointed me. Janice, (Livia mark II) has attended anger management classes. Typically she has embraced the lessons with the same fervour she embraced Buddhism, Christianity, Richie etc. Yet, this time she's actually done something really positive and it's working. Barely; but enough to get some harmony back into the home. Tony meanwhile, is less able than ever to control his rage. After 5 years of therapy you have to wonder what progress he's made. Anyway, he's clearly jealous of Janice and at Sunday dinner sets out to provoke her by touching her most sensitive nerve - her relationship with the absent son, Harpo. He keeps at it 'till she breaks and after losing her temper dissolves into tears. Tony leaves and he is diminished in my view.
The murders, the gambling, the adultery, somehow I can excuse. It's part of the package. But she was trying and he ruined her because he knew if she could exercise self-control, it made his failure to do so all the weaker.

Very bad. Where will it all end?

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