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Wednesday, June 16, 2004  


Oh God. Made huge mistake. Having completed my last post I idly checked into Slate because I'd heard they have an excellent Sopranos forum. First article made reference to XXXXXXXXXXX. Damn damn damn. Ruined the suspense. Exited immediately but now panicking. What do they do XXXXXXX? It always was going to be problematical. Still, will be making sure not to miss an episode. Oh no....holidays next week. I'll be leaving the country. I never learned how to tape. I must know someone who knows how to tape. This is the 3rd millenium. Or have all my gadget enabled friends thrown out their vcr's and rely exclusively on dvd. Do dvd's record? Phone calls to make....

(XXXXX - edits inserted due to uproar by readers - apologies to those already exposed to plot line)

posted by Sarah | 15:35 1 comments
Thanks Sarah, not only do you partially spoil the Sopranos for yourself, you do it for the rest of us too. Cheers, you eejit.

By the way, Fiona wants her DVDs back, I'm next on 'em (as we used to say in the playground) I hear you've lent them on to your sister - for shame girl!

L x
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