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Friday, July 23, 2004  


Ah, the joys of the stay at home Mom. Double episodes of Dallas at 10am! Outstanding moments of comedy are:

1. Priscilla Presley's acting - a seamless precursor to her Naked Gun performances - no difference whatsoever. I particularly enjoyed her plea to Bobby to forget her as she is incarcerated for the murder of Naldo Marquetta, father to Charlie, (altho' not on the birth cert.)
2. Bobby's last words; "be good to each other" just before the continous beep on the machine. The family stand round competing in various stages of grief. But there are no medical personnel at all. Quite bizarre. In ER there'd be half a dozen staff cranking open the chest and doing CPR for half an hour.
3. "Momma, I'm sorry", he weeps to Donna Reed. But it's Barbara Bel Geddes in the next episode arranging the funeral.
4. The child actor who plays Christopher keeps changing.
5. Cliff Barnes. He really was a fool.
6. JR's evil grin.
7. Sue Ellen's quivering lips, expanding shoulder pads, and the way she can blink so dramatically as she takes another swig from the bottle.
8. Top 3 most used lines:

" I love you". At least 25 declarations per episode.
"We gotta talk".
"JR, you disgust me".

Can't wait to see the "it was all a dream" episode as Bobby steps out of the shower. Counting the continuity  flaws will be great craic.

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