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Thursday, July 15, 2004  

Those damned elusive WMD

Bush is off the hook because he's stupid. Bliar is off the hook because he can claim he didn't actually lie or make the "intelligence community" (a misnomer if ever there was) lie. But why doesn't he have to resign for showing incredibly poor judgement? Given that Blix and the rest of the UN Security Council weren't convinced, did it never occur to him to ask if the spies were sure? In the face of global opposition he never once asked John Scarlett if he was convinced of the veracity of the information? If Scarlett was asked and replied in the affirmative when we know (by his own admission) that he was editing out the qualifications, then why was he promoted instead of fired? Why was Campbell put on the JIC to help them write a document? Can they not write? Robin Cook asked the questions. Clare Short asked the questions. If Bliar did a Bertie and made sure not to ask questions he didn't want the answers to, then shouldn't he resign for that alone? He is accountable for delivering false information to the cabinet, the Commons, the British people and the world. Let's give him the total benefit of the doubt and say he made an honest mistake. BIG mistake. And no resignation? What do you actually have to do to resign? Have sex with your secretary?
And the argument that none of it matters because Saddam was a bad man who killed lots of people is completely bogus. Tell that to the 5 million who've died in the Congo. Why are African rogue nations allowed to slaughter entire populations without any reprisals?
Bliar says history will judge him. It will alright. As a fool.

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Secretary shagging won't do it. I think the only thing that can make a politician resign these days is being caught performing human sacrifices.
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