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Monday, August 23, 2004  

Bill Clinton "My Life"

A colourful man, a controversial presidency, a huge list of enemies, what a sex-life, what a marriage. I practically salivated opening this book. I'm half-way through and what a bore. It's a simple diary of what happened on each day. He says something nice about everyone. Reagan, Bush Sr., Bob Dole, journalists who allowed themselves to be used by the VRC. No one escapes his reconciliation. Does he describe George Stephanopolous's practical breakdown? Give us a taste of Hillary's rage or heartbreak? But the worse thing is that while I would forgive his discretion in relation to his opinions of the living and the details of his whorish sex life, why does he then feel it necessary to bang on about God all the time? Every few pages he and Hil are off to church, praying, reading the bible; instead of hearing about Monica on her knees, he's never off them. As far as I am concerned one's relationship with one's maker should share a privacy level with picking one's nose and toileting activities. Looks like I'll have to cast around for a book with the real dirt. Suggestions welcome.

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