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Monday, August 23, 2004  

JK Galbraith and hope

Thank God. James K. Galbraith sees hope for November in Salon. I had the great honour of meeting the Da at a debate in TCD's Phil (where I served as Hon. Registrar.. !). Most imposing and distinguished man, but he wouldn't spill the beans on whether or not FDR knew the Japs were coming to Pearl Harbour (as all the conspiracy theorists suspect he did thus forcing the US into the war when the citizens were quite happy to let the Nazis take over altho the way they go on you'd think they were competing with each other to get over the Atlantic and save us all). Anyway, JK the 1st was at a famous mystery meeting just before PH at which it was suspected the option of allowing the Japs attack was discussed. He's very tall.

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He's also very old, 95 in fact, which is not all that remarkable in itself but he is still publishing this here being his latest book
which sounds very interesting, but having read a review in the guardian I thik I might leave it at that.

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