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Tuesday, September 28, 2004  

Bliar liar pants on fire

From his speech today:

"The evidence about Saddam having actual biological and chemical weapons, as opposed to the capability to develop them, has turned out to be wrong. I acknowledge that and accept it," he said. [Gee, thanks. I acknowledge that the sun came out today]

"I simply point out, such evidence was agreed by the whole international community, not least because Saddam had used such weapons against his own people and neighbouring countries," he continued. Eh, NO. The only people that 'agreed' any such thing were you and the Yanks. Everyone else told you it was nonsense. What exactly did you think those UN Security Council meetings were about? What did you think Hans Blix was saying to you?????

"And the problem is I can apologise for the information that turned out to be wrong, but I can't, sincerely at least, apologise for removing Saddam. The world is a better place with Saddam in prison not in power." Try telling that to the Iraqis. And oh, yeah, Ken Bigley, Prime-doesn't negotiate-with-terrorists-except-for-the-IRA-of-course-Minister.

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The thing is, though -- despite the obvious holes in the logic, and the protests, he still got a standing ovation at the end, and still has to be favourite to win the next election (assuming that Brown doesn't push him off the pier this week).
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