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Monday, September 20, 2004  

Dana and the Presidency

Dana's been on forecasting the end of democracy as we know it because she can't get 4 county councils to nominate her for the presidency. Her argument appears to be that because she wants to run, she should be allowed run. She is particularly bitter about the refusal of Fine Gael to endorse her and claims they are anti-democratic. It has escaped her notice that whereas the Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, Labour and Green parties have elected parliamentary representatives and they all voted on the issue themselves they have democratically decided not to contest the election. Dana, on the other hand is the 'unelect' since Connact/Ulster declined the opportunity to re-elect her to the European Parliament and she also failed to get elected to the Dail.

If her point was correct, that she should get a nomination just because she wants it, then why bother with a nomination procedure at all? Just have an open day up at the Aras and anyone that wants to run goes up and puts down their name. I could run. And what a fine President I would make.

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