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Tuesday, September 14, 2004  

Ireland Presidential election

Despite the fact that I agree with Enda Kenny that FG shouldn't bother running a candidate against Mary McAleese (why bother - it doesn't really matter and she'll win anyway) I do have a couple of problems with the current set up.

1. She can nominate herself

This seems grossly undemocratic. How can an incumbent nominate herself for the same job. Everyone else has to scrounge around for nominations while she does what she wants. On a political level its also unfair because as the Fianna Fail party don't have to nominate her it makes her appear apolitical even tho she is Fianna Fail and is very much a Fianna Fail president. At the very least she should have to seek a nomination from them. What if (ok, a big if, but nevertheless) they wanted to put someone else in?)

2. She can leave it till the last minute

This screws everyone else around. Getting a nomination is difficult and takes time. By announcing today she has made it next to impossible for anyone else to secure a nomination. The September meetings of the county councils have been held and the October meetings will be too late. She should have been made announce a month ago and give other potential candidates the opportunity to seek nominations in a less panicky environment. I know they could have been making plans earlier, but without a definitive statement from her, everyone is operating in a vacum.

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