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Wednesday, September 22, 2004  

Twin Towers Replacement

An unseemly row is taking place in NY regarding the proposed replacement buildings for the Twin Towers. The architect who won the competition to design the new development Daniel Libeskind had his design rejected by the guy who actually owns the site, Larry Silverstein. Silverstein prefers the design of David Childs which appears to offer more office space (and hence more money) than Libeskind's more arty design. Why do I care? On a recent chat show on TodayFM I was on a panel when an interview was conducted with Ed Hayes, Libeskind's lawyer who was delighted to participate in an Irish chat show. As PO'Neill regularly demonstrates, the US is interpreting Ireland's history in some bizarre ways to suit its 'at war' status. Hayes continued the analogy in a manner that left the panel back in studio in Ireland wide eyed and amazed. Hayes had huge praise for the large contingent of Irish firemen who died in 9/11 and commented on their bravery. But then, he remarked, running into a burning building and certain death was part of a great Irish tradition of being willing to die gloriously in battle for belief in one's country and of course, God.
Off air, we wondered could this also be compared with piloting a plane into a burning building and certain death to achieve glory for one's cause and one's God?

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Bet you wish you had thought of it on air?
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