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Tuesday, September 28, 2004  

VHI and English

I have many issues with the VHI (Voluntary Health Insurance Company of Ireland). However, their recent press advertising campaign inspires one to blog. They are promoting their new dental care insurance product. A series of ads depicts various individuals of differing demographic profiles. Each photograph is over a headline stating "Here's 32 reasons to buy this product bla bla" or "Here's 26 reasons to get suckered bla bla". Of course, every single ad contains the enormous and glaring grammatical error of using the singular where obviously the plural applies. Isn't it slightly worrying that everyone in the company is illiterate and they paid a lot of money to an equally illiterate advertising company? My investigations so far lead me to suspect Ogilvy's complicity in the campaign but due to their completely useless website (which through the global website simply indicates that there is an Irish office and gives an address and phone number) I can't confirm this. However, I have written to one of their directors to complain.

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