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Friday, October 29, 2004  


I'm too depressed to blog. As my pregnancy progresses I become more tuned into a universal spirit and all I detect is suffering. Mainly caused by men. Margaret Hassan, the people in Falujah, the starving in Africa all haunt me. Not to mention the failure to buy shares in Google. And the struggle to pick curtain material for my new house. And the fear that my child will be a girl and I will inflict my ideals upon her and ruin her life. And the nagging self doubt that I'll never summon sufficient motivation to demand my own column in a newspaper. I'm thinking of resorting to Shen therapy.

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I think on the failure to buy shares in Google, we should all think about suing the Wall St investment bankers. It's pretty clear now that they used every opportunity to talk down the Google IPO because Google had snubbed them by the auction IPO, so all of a sudden we hear about how poor Google's prospects were, how the IPO was botched etc etc -- and now all of sudden it's nearly doubled since the IPO price.
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