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Tuesday, October 19, 2004  


One of the weird things about pregnancy are the energy swings. At 5pm today I practically collapsed into bed. I didn't sleep but needed about 30 mins of completely not moving. Now I'm pacing around doing unnecessary housework. M. told me to go and pray or something. I thought I should blog and I keep feeling guilty about not blogging about poor Bigley. That one really got to me and the only reason Blair shouldn't have to resign is because it would give 'comfort' as they call it to the terrorists. But other than that Bigley's death is on his conscience. But the other weird thing is that every time I think about poor Bigley I can't help but remember that Bigley was also Jane Bennett's suitor in Pride And Prejudice and a bit of a buffoon.
Anyway, American readers, are you ashamed that your elections should really have international supervision because you are incapable of running them properly?

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