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Wednesday, October 13, 2004  

Soccer and education

Generally resentful of the domination of soccer in general news and media, and appalled by the fact that I know who occupies the top positions in the Premier League, I was even more taken aback to learn that soccer was able to improve my education. Ireland plays the Faro Islands tonight (world cup qualifier in Landsdowne Road - a crucial 3 points are at stake and even tho the islands constitute a weaker side in our group - which also contains France and Switzerland - they have been known to hold good sides to a draw - and I know this without having read any sports articles - I believe we play without Keane (Roy) and Clinton Morrison......anyway.......A radio programme held a quiz last night. Where are the Faro Islands? The host called out the alternative answers. A) North Atlantic B) Mediterranean C)Indian Ocean. I waited for the inevitable D) South Pacific. But didn't come. They stopped at C. The answer was A. They are somewhere near Iceland. I was appalled. Confessing my ignorance to my husband he suggested I had mixed them up with Fiji. I had pictured Polynesian types. But they play rugby. I am thoroughly ashamed and humbled.

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For shame! Even I knew where the Faroe Islands are, and I'm Canadian.
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