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Sunday, November 14, 2004  

Alternative Conversations

The scene: A dimly lit, sparsely furnished room. Pungent smell of incense. Large statue of Buddha in the corner. Some flowers. Half a dozen women sit cross legged in a circle. They've just been doing some post-hatha yoga chanting, have saluted the earth, each other and the light within themselves (namaste). A final bow and thanks to the teacher. Happy they stand up and chat with animation.

A. (newcomer) to N. (old-timer). "That was great!".
N. " Glad you enjoyed it. Sarah, this my friend A. We share an osteopath".
Me: "Oh who do you go to?"
N. "X. He's really good".
Me: "I go to Y. He specialises in pregnancy stuff."
N. "I've heard of him. He's got a great reputation."
Me: to J: "How did your Tai Chi go last night?"
J: "Not good. I did not like the teacher"
N. "Who was it?"
J. "C."
N. "Oh, Dr Dheng, my chinese doctor warned me about him. Says he's crap!"
J. "Damn. But I've paid up now so I'm going to do the course. Are you all signing back up for the next yoga series?"
Me: "Actually, at this stage (30 weeks pregnant) I think I've reached my limit. But I'm going to try some Shen Therapy instead with one of the Buddhists here."
N. "Wow! That's pretty hard core energy shifting stuff. Let me know how you get on. I was thinking of trying it. The acupuncture isn't doing much for me anymore."
Me: "No problem. I'll report back later. I've started meditating again so between the two hopefully it'll help."

Mutual goodbyes......

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