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Friday, November 05, 2004  


Amidst claim and counterclaim, this site is a great resource. Worth checking (since that's what they do). Interestingly one of the claims they check (but from the US perspective) was Kerry's plan to end tax incentives for US companies operating abroad. Many of these companies are based in Ireland where they provide thousands of jobs and since we have measly corporation tax and they can avoid paying US tax, they make a lot of money out of sourcing jobs outside the US and we make a lot of money through their employment. On these grounds our inglorious leader said it was a good thing that Bush got in since Kerry would have ensured that these jobs would be lost to Ireland. But as FactCheck points out, Kerry has admitted that his proposal was so modest, this was unlikely to happen. And remember, claiming the opposite would have been in Kerry's interest. So maybe someone should tell Bertie.

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