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Monday, November 01, 2004  

Fast Breaking News

Two fast breaking news stories to cheer the heart. The first is the Dick Francis style theft of Cian O'Connor's (or rather his horse's) B-sample as it was being sent for testing for a banned substance - a positive result would result in his loosing his Olympic Gold Medal. The best bits are that the sample was stolen 10 days ago and the International Equestrian Federation has been lying through its teeth about the location of the sample since then; including to Avril Doyle, Fine Gael MEP and President of the Irish Equestrian Foundation. Avril's not the type to mess with. So did Cian have someone rob the sample???

Meanwhile our own Gardai daily release tantalising information on the Chief Suspect in the Rachel O'Reilly murder case. She was bludgeoned to death and WE ALL KNOW WHO DID IT BUT CAN THE COPS PROVE IT. So far we know:
- it was someone she knew
- really well
- he has a mistress who planned the whole thing (we are also told said mistress is in a well paid job - DAMNING EVIDENCE I SAY)
- the efforts at making it look like a burglary were pretty lame
- he cleaned up really well afterwards - perhaps washed himself at the house!!
- there is some very fuzzy film of the location of the parked car of the murderer
- they keep putting the husband on the telly appealing for information
- he has a good alibi - but not a great one.
I love the way this information is drip fed to us. What intolerable pressure this must place on the suspect. Will he crack thus saving them the effort of finding more evidence!! Can't wait.

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