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Friday, November 12, 2004  

Look's like Charlie didn't do it

It appears I accused Charlie wrongly. Also an unpublished suspect, none other than PI Billy Flynn,(see this link for his work on a more urgent case) could be in the clear. The robbery of the relevant files on Cian from the Equestrian Federation offices in Kill looks like an inside job according the Evening Herald (who clearly have a great Garda informant these days). It appears our Gardai have more skill than we generally credit them with and they took no little time in deciding that the burglary was no such thing and the work of someone on the inside (a similar theory being worked on in that murder case). As the offices are small, their list of suspects was short (i.e. workers in the office) and a woman 'well known in racing circles' is being pressed to confess that she took the file herself to blacken Cian's name (rightly of course as it transpired). Is this a crime? Wasting police time? Would NOT like to be in her shoes tonight. Maybe they'll take pity on her given that Cian is guilty of far greater wrongs.

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This looks like another appplication of the old police rule-of-thumb -- one of the suspects in any crime should always be the person who reported it. This is especially so for arson but has wider applicability and sounds like it was standard operating procedure for the Garda in this case.
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