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Wednesday, November 17, 2004  


On our current theme of who killed nice women, Robert Fisk asks today, who killed Margaret Hassan. I would give you a link but the (English) Independent insists I buy (and you buy) the article so they can shag off. However, listening to him being interviewed on Pat Kenny he points out:

- Zarqawi and all the major rebels groups had issued statements demanding her release
- Unlike other videos of hostages there were no statements from the Koran, no mention of Islam etc
- While some hostages are taken for ransom rather than political purposes, no ransom was demanded for her
- Who does it benefit to kill her when she is such a well known and popular figure for Iraqis?

answer: people who want Iraqis to think that the rebels are not on 'their' side.

Hmmm. Now Fisk:
a) knew her well and like any bereaved person is searching for explanation
b) we are familiar with his long standing left wing agenda
and yet.......perhaps there is something in it.

posted by Sarah | 11:14 2 comments
It seems like a bad move for the Lindo to be looking for fees for online access when the London Times has gone back to being free (their sterling based subscription was killing us over here with the sinking dollar). But now to Fisk -- I would be extremely wary of what he's implying. He's just too unreliable -- I think back to his Me = Jesus moment in Afghanistan. It's true that Zarqawi wanted Hassan free. But it's also true every terrorist eventually gets outflanked on the violent side.
Not everything needs to be a government conspiracy. With BILLIONS in aid about to flow into Iraq in the next few years there are probably lots of nasty people out there looking for a way to get a piece of the pie for themselves. Eliminating existing honest aid organisations that are already on the ground helps clear the way for new corrupt ones to set up, and if they can convince the world that it was done by some insurgents no one will ask any questions.
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