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Saturday, November 13, 2004  

More Evening Herald on Rachel murder

Front page again on the Evening Herald and they must have lawyers crawling all over every word. They actually showed a photograph of the mistress of the suspect - her face fuzzed out getting into her car. The angle today was that she has had other affairs with married men and the police are interviewing all her ex-boyfriends "to try and find out what kind of a person she is". Clearly this is all with the intention of increasing pressure - and if putting her photo in the paper doesn't make her crack she must be some woman. Again they emphasise that she has a good job and added that she lives on the southside. I think any of her friends would recognise her at this stage. They also include the fact that the Garda Commissioner Noel Conroy is personally involved in the case with 35 other senior garda and they are determined to get a conviction and say that they are not making an arrest until they have plenty of evidence. But will they get it if the pressure theory doesn't work?

On the weekend that Scott Petersen is found guilty of Laci's murder, it makes one wonder. I've read all the Scott stuff and I am not entirely convinced that that case would stand up here (in Ireland). It was all entirely circumstantial: the guy had an affair and lied thro' his teeth about it (and lots of other things). I couldn't find anything forensic or convincing linking him to the murder even tho' HE MUST HAVE DONE IT. But in a case where 3 jurors are dismissed, surely that's very open to appeal?

Finally it is also a bit strange that these developments are being totally ignored by the broadsheets and the RTE. Murders are extremely rare in Ireland (well, outside of terrorism and organised crime) and while I know the Herald is being deliberately sensationalist about this, it is a bit weird that the other papers just ignore it. They haven't had anything for weeks now. I must check the tabloids.

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Yes it's odd to consider the saturation coverage of Scott Peterson versus the silence on the Rachel case in the Irish meeja, the EH excepted. But remember -- murder trials are the favourite distraction of the US cable news channels when there's stuff that needs to be ignored in Iraq. From their perspective, the verdict came a tad soon, since the mission is not yet fully accomplished in Fallujah.
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