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Tuesday, November 16, 2004  

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Poor Margaret is dead. How utterly pointless. Killing Bigley, you can almost rationalise, as it placed huge pressure on Blair. But killing Margaret actually relieves pressure on him because her work for Iraqis over 30 years is so well known and it proves the rebels are just animals.

Meanwhile, Willie Walsh and his mates 'resign' from Aer Lingus. As they appear to have given 6 months notice its obviously a lame attempt to force the government into agreeing to the MBO which will make them millionaires from OUR company. Screw them. For once I agree with Bertie who doesn't regret telling them they wouldn't get rich from a state company.

Meanwhile, a southern black woman is appointed to one of the most powerful positions in the world...but somehow her are politics are not what her demographics might suggest.

Finally, of course the marine was shooting in self defence..........

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Re: Willie Walsh and Aer Lingus.

Absolutely. Screw them. How dare they assume everyone will be happy for them and their mates to make millions from a state asset.

While Walsh has done a fine job in cutting the losses and bringing the company back to profitability, that does not give him the right to riches. That was his job.

Also it might be no bad thing for a change in leadership at Aer Lingus. Their target of changing Aer Lingus into Ryanair is misguided. They should be aiming for Ryanair++ such as JetBlue in the US. If people want to fly Ryanair, they'll fly Ryanair. If people want a little more the obvious choice is Aer Lingus.

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