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Sunday, November 21, 2004  

Rachel update

With all the activity during the week, the broadsheets are taking an interest. Here are two articles. The first is from Saturday's IT and focuses on the interest in the case and also clears up some issues around the suspect and his alibi, which directly conflicts with what the Evening Herald has reported. If anyone has trouble with the link let me know and I'll email the full text. The second is more worrying, from today's Sunday Business Post, as it filled with some rather desperate theories and claims of evidence, which to my mind suggest that the cops have no evidence and our suspect could well walk away.

posted by Sarah | 20:16 2 comments
Thats exactley what I was thinking last week
(the mobile phone mast) That was a major piece of evidence that helped convict Ian Huntly in the Holly and Jessica case in Soam . These days your mobile phone is a mobile tracking device. What is the relationship of the chief suspect to the other two people being questioned. I read that the Garda say that this was well planned. It seems pretty stupid these days that some one would know about your phone being a tracking device.
Hi John,

Information to date says that the other man questioned was an alibi of the suspect. The Herald said that the woman was the mistress of the suspect and she was also an alibi. However the Irish Times says she is not an alibi, altho' she is the mistress and they were questioning her about her relationship with the suspect. A separate source says that the suspect said that both parties were his alibis, thus backing up the Herald. The claims of the CCTV evidence appear to have diminished and the mobile phone mast is the latest.
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