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Monday, November 15, 2004  

Stunning US Victory in Fallujah

I take it all back. Under the direction of the fabulous military strategist Donald Rumsfeld, the US has achieved a stunning victory in Fallujah. Starting with the brilliant theory of providing 8 weeks notice to the rebel/insurgents/terrorists so that most of them could get out and move their rebellion/insurgency/terrorism to neighbouring cities. What a concept! Then move overwhelming force into the city reducing it to rubble. Protect your soldiers by making sure to level houses with tanks before ascertaining who's inside, you can then claim to have killed 1500 of the enemy and also claim that there are no civilians whatsover in the city and therefore no need to allow Red Crescent Aid in to help them. After all anyone with sense, and who can move, has fled. The infirm and ill were beamed to safe havens ages ago. The comparisons made so readily by the military leaders with Iwo Jima are most appropriate. In that battle 25,000 out of 100,000 US troops were killed. (That's 25%). A further 10,000 were wounded. Almost all of the 22,000-25,000 Japanese were killed. In Fallujah 38 US Soldiers were killed (eh, 0.3%) but hey don't forget those 1500 enemy combatants! (any man between 16 and 60? any sign of the bodies?). How grateful the citizens of Iraq will be that the glorious occupier has liberated their flattened city. I guess the people of Mosul can't wait for similar liberation! The world really is a better place without Saddam!

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