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Thursday, November 11, 2004  

The Theatre Dahling

Made my annual trip the theatre avec Leon. He goes regularly and sees lots of bad plays as a result. I go rarely and therefore get the cream, which I think is how Dublin by Lamplight can be categorised. Whilst I read this review post-event, we would concur with its sentiments. While out and about at "Project" (they have dropped the definite article in the theatre's title) we spotted (or rather I did, Leon is not sharp when it comes to minor celebrities) Alan Stanford and Gavin Friday. Alan (aka George from Glenroe, ubiquitous voiceover and also directs to great acclaim but in a very predictable fashion in my view) wore a big woolly jumper. Gavin looked ridiculous in scraggy hair and dark glasses (Trying to emulate his friend and patron Bono) as well as a long leather coat - very eighties. He and his more cleancut friend repaired, like us to The Stag's Head, where he appeared most irritated that he was served with no aplomb whatsoever whilst I was greeted by the bar staff like a VIP.
The play was written by Michael West, nephew of Trevor West, former TCD Senator and head of DUCAC, where I was briefly employed. Trevor was very sociable and I got very pissed in his company on a number of occasions. Not sure what he's up to now.

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