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Wednesday, November 17, 2004  

update on rachel

Today's IT reveals that the suspect himself has not been arrested - it's his alibis. So the cops are convinced its him but the alibis obviously rule him out. The suspect proclaims his innocence and can't believe the tenor of the newspaper reports which in fairness directly reflect the investigation. On another note, if the IT can report that it is not the chief suspect which has been arrested then why couldn't RTE tell us that yesterday? It would have put me out of my misery.

I know I've been referring to the Petersen case but one is also reminded of Mr. Livingstone in Malahide who ended up suing the state because the Gardai focused on him alone as a suspect in his wife's murder and never looked for anyone else, never proved it was him and the entire country was led to believe that it was him. (Will look for non-subsc. based link later on that case).

posted by Sarah | 10:15 2 comments
I suppose we should be thankful that the Garda have not yet adopted the Ashcroftian terminology, "person of interest."
Sarah, do Rachel's family a favour and quit commenting on her case. Your flippant comments about "killing nice women" and RTE "putting you out of your misery" aren't really helpful and let's remember, those involved in this nightmare are one hell of a lot more miserable than you are right now. I appreciate your frustration at the police seemingly having very little evidence on the main suspect - we're all apprehensive as to whether he'll be charged for this act of sheer brutality and callousness. However, I don't feel you're treating this with the gravitas it deserves - you simply sound like a slightly entertained journo getting off on the latest news story. Either quit of modify your tone a little.
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