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Friday, November 19, 2004  

US spreads democracy...and drugs

As the US continues to spread its gifts of democracy throughout the muslim world, they inevitably have to select and endorse the new political elites in the grateful countries. And my, don't they find some choice characters. Having completely ignored the Taliban regime for 5 years (after all they were just stoning women to death) but deciding in the light of 9/11 that they must go, they installed a new worthy, democratic regime (democratic meaning all things wonderful in the world). And what a success that new regime is. At growing poppy. Today's NYT reports@

"Afghan Poppy Growing Reaches Record Level, U.N. Says"

aided by the fact that "His [Karzai, the leader of the 'interim government' ]administration has included known drug lords, and many of his provincial governors, police and army chiefs are widely rumored to profit from the trade, diplomats and Afghan officials acknowledge. Commanders of the powerful Northern Alliance, which with American help overthrew the Taliban in 2001, continue to profit from the trade in northeastern Badakhshan Province. " and "international assistance has been inadequate and ill focused, Mr. Rubin says. "U.S. cooperation with warlords and militia leaders tied to trafficking has sent the wrong signal about the U.S. commitment to combating narcotics," he said."

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