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Wednesday, November 03, 2004  

Who voted for Bush?

Right wing christian fundamentalists terrified of muslim fundamentalists. Bigots who demand the right to bear arms and perversely the right to life for everyone except foreigners and mentally retarded blacks on death row. They believe they live in a great democracy with freedom of speech and civil rights but feel free to lock up without charge and torture anyone suspicious and hey if they get a few wrong, its ok because its all in defence of the Orwellian entitled "homeland". They expect rogue states to obey them but have no qualms about breaking international law and international agreements themselves. From nuclear proliferation to Kyoto to the International Criminal Court to the UN Security council. The rest of us can go to hell while they illegally invade countries of no direct threat to them whilst allowing millions to rot in Africa because who gives a shit about poor black people. The deficit will crucify them, their health system will let them die on the street, but Bush is a simple guy and they are a simple people so they'll vote for him. The markets and industrialists who will eliminate their jobs tomorrow for a profit adore their President and give him the money he needs to buy the votes which the poor line up to provide because Fox News tells them to be scared but trust in Bush. They can call a war hero a coward and a draft dodger brave. They want to feel safe so they vote for a guy who makes the world more dangerous. And the rest of the world can do nothing. Four more years of watching Beslans, Bigleys, Sudans and I suppose poor Margaret is next. The Arctic circle is melting, so is their economy. 51% of the people of the US are simply thick. And in a country where majorities rule without respect for minorities God help the 49%. So sod you America. If only it were possible that you would ruin yourselves without ruining the rest of us. But we'll all get dragged down with you. Fools.

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Awfully vicious comments about 60,000,000 people who don't live in New York City, Detroit, Chicago, LA, or the Seattle-Portland corridor, don't you think? You need to take a look at one of those red/blue maps, particularly at the county level. Or maybe 60,000,000 of us didn't trust a flip-flopper who stabbed his nation's veterans in the back 30 years ago. Or maybe 60,000,000 didn't think the Dixie Chicks, or Ben Affleck, or P. Diddy or John Melancamp should be telling us how to vote just because we go to their concerts? Maybe we didn't like a British rag telling us in Ohio how to vote. Or just maybe, despite liberal media, liberal faculty in our universities, liberal celebrities and liberal churches, there are enough Americans smart enough to think for themselves, to become informed, to watch debates, to read, and then go to the polls and vote their beliefs and values. Go figure. Democracy works.

Glenn Beck is raising money to buy a plane ticket for Robert Redford to immigrate to Ireland. Maybe you'll want to help.
Forgot to add this, which is why more Catholics voted for Gore, a Southern Baptist, in 2000 than voted for Kerry, a Catholic, in 2004.
there are enough Americans smart enough to think for themselves, to become informed, to watch debates, to read, and then go to the polls and vote their beliefs and values

Rather than precipitate a flame war, which was my first reaction upon reading this comment, it's perhaps more useful to note the above component of the comment which is exactly right. No-one can claim ignorance about what they voted for -- the issues were out there for everyone to see and then make up their minds and vote. So if the final moral calculus of 8 years of Bush turns out to be negative, lack of information won't be an excuse.
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