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Saturday, December 18, 2004  

Fool, Blunkett

The man manages to overcome the handicap of his blindness and being tragically torn from his parents at just 4 years of age. The State in those days shipped him off to a blind school. He reaches great heights politically and academically and then blows it by making a series of poor judgements which one would have thought would have been covered in "Politics for Dummies, Chapter 1. Stupid things to avoid doing when you are a Minister"
1. Messes around with another man's wife.
2. Sires at least one if not two children with said slattern
3.Contributes to a biography in which he openly slags off his colleagues thus ensuring their luke warm support in a vulnerable time.
4. Speeds up the nanny visa (the least of his crimes in my view: after all , what's the point in being a Minister if you can't fast track a bloody visa).

It's difficult to have sympathy with him if he's going to behave so foolishly. As for her, what a cow. As for her husband. How much humiliation is he prepared to accept?

posted by Sarah | 10:25 2 comments
Great line on "Have I got news for you" last night "Blunkett has resigned so he can spend more time with someone elses family"
Didja see today's News of the World? Blunkett may have been a bit stupid. But what the hell is Simon Hoggart thinking?
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