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Friday, December 03, 2004  

General life update

Have been severely incapacitated by latest pregnancy symptoms so apologies for absence. My previous pregnancy was characterised by an astonishing level of puking and a bizarre and intensely distressing case of hives. This one had been gloriously confined to fatigue until the past fortnight when the hormone relaxin began its work a little early. The result was that the ligaments holding my pelvic bones together softened - as they should DURING labour, not at 30 weeks - and my sacroilliac bones (the big flat ones in your bum) began to separate. This led to extreme pain, inflammation of the various sciatic muscles and nerves, a severe limp and eventually and inability to simply walk. Having wasted €40 on a stupid private physiotherapist who admitted she was powerless to help me (so why accept the appointment or the bloody money???), another €45 to a GP who also admitted she hadn't a clue what to do with me (but took her bloody money also), €60 to a shen therapist, who at least improved my mental health, and €50 to an osteopath who may have tweaked something, I finally got an appointment with the hospital based physio who gave me a large velcro belt to tie around my childbearing hips to hold them together, a set of crutches, some low dosage valium to help me sleep, a series of tummy exercises and posture hints and instructions to rest. I then fled to Mommy in the country and sat in a chair by the fire for 3 days while existing child was minded and poor M. fretted about his family's absence. I am much improved and hopeful that my condition is now in a manageable state. Poor me.

Anyway in the meantime I am hooked on "I'm A Celebrity, Get me out of here" the best reality TV show in history. Natalie was a whiny moany cow and we are well shot of her. Janet and Paul are the king and queen and the irish contestant Fran is holding is own. For non-Irish/UK readers, all is explained here.

I also managed to catch some of the "Swan" hosted by our own Amanda Byram and needless to say think it is the most disgusting, evil and immoral television EVER. Take some trailer trash and make plastic freaks while the smug surgeons look on and applaud themselves. YUCK.

I got hoover bags!!!!! In Roches Stores. However, we will be moving house in the new year and I think a new vaccum cleaner may be in order and I will investigate Rockflake's suggestion of the Dyson. Where does the dust go?? Research begins now. Another constructive suggestion I received was instead of simply disposing of the bags when they are full, why not just empty them and refit the bag. Doh! When there were old cloth bags this was general practice. Just shows how much the disposable mentality is ingrained in my head when this had NEVER occured to me.

Finally I used my incapacitation to ring up the customer services departments of various companies to complain. I began with O2. These creeps had me on a pre-paid package. I repeatedly asked them was I on the most appropriate package for my calling volume. They refused to give me a straight answer and eventually in frustration I made them switch me to the lowest package possible. My next bill was reduced my HALF. I am now seeking a refund for the 18 months of overcharging. Needless to say, they are having none of it. I have threatened them with the meeja and the regulator.

Finally, finally, Leon gave me a book of TC Boyle short stories to read. Like Richard Ford and Philip Roth this guy writes quite creative stuff but all in that "alienated man I really have no emotions style". Don De Lillo too. What's wrong with these guys? Leaves one very cold. However, as I enter the final 8 weeks of my pregnancy in which taking long walks is no longer a possibility I require new reading material. Suggestions welcome. I want non-violent fiction. For instance I hated Vernon God Little and loved Middlesex. Loved No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency. Also love thrillers and yes I admit I enjoyed the Da Vinci code. Thought Toni Morrison boring. Gore Vidal exciting. Henry James tedious. Jane Austen glows. Any ideas?

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(1) Dyson cleaners are great. The dust is all collected. Better suction and no bags. Consider an upright model. Easy to use and store. I'm on my second after my brother thought the Dyson (which has a clear receptacle) would be good at hoovering up the pot of varnish he'd spilled.

(2) very sorry to hear about you being kept togeather with velcro.

(3) My favourite book by far is Birdsong. Not very imaginative I'm afraid, as many of the top books list have it at the top. Although based on the English/French during the Great Patriotic War I found it a great romantic read. If you're into cyber sci-fi then I highly reccommend Snow Crash.
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