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Tuesday, December 07, 2004  

I hate maternity clothes

Three or four years ago the complaint was that the only maternity clothes in existence were dungarees and black trousers. Eventually someone copped on that women still like nice clothes even when they are pregnant and now there are several fancy shops selling funky clothes for the expectant mommies. But somehow things are really not that much better.

The funky clothes, primarily the trousers are 'under the belly'. But your belly really goes the whole way to the crotch. So 'under the belly' really means pressing uncomfortably on your bump or slipping off you. And you need a really long top so your poor swollen belly isn't exposed every time you sit down. So its back to Mothercare for the boring over-the-bump clothes. But Mothercare are creeps. The rule of sizing in the maternity world is that you buy your pre-pregnancy size and the tailoring should take care of the rest. I got caught out on my last pregnancy when I bought a size 10 swimsuit which was fully stretched at 6 months. I had to go the wretched Formes shop which makes roomy swimsuits in traditional swimsuit colours like black, brown and burgundy. The burgundy seemed the least offensive. So having spent €30 in Mothercare and additional €80 in Formes I got an expensive swimsuit.

But you'd think with knickers they'd get it right. I cautiously purchased the size 10 knickers. I had to cut the bloody waistband last week it was so tight. Then I bought the 14-16. We are talking about pretty big knickers here. I'd say I'll stick them another week. And if you want to avoid the horrible trousers and wear dresses it's necessary to wear tights. It's winter so hold-ups can get a bit breezy. Does Mothercare carry a stock of standard black opaque tights? The same type that form the basis of any lady's underwear drawer in winter? The same type that M&S stock thousands of as they are such a necessity? I got the last pair. Left over from last year.

7 weeks to go and I can wear a nightdress and my lovely Italian turquoise trousers and smock top. Even my dad's pyjamas are causing discomfort. Woe is me.

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Hi Sarah,

have you tried It's an irish site which sells maternity wear, inlcuding very-stretchable over-the-bump briefs for E6.99 a pair.


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