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Sunday, December 19, 2004  

Kimberley you slapper

Here's that link to the News of the World article. What are these people like?? My mother's theory (in response to the proliferation of multiply sourced children in the working classes) is that everyone is watching too much Eastenders (where the current storyline involves a stepbrother and sister at it while stepbrother's girlfriend is soon to announce her pregnancy). But one would have thought the political and meeja types didn't watch soaps. At least they pretend they don't. Clearly they do and the (im)moral standards set therein are proving influential. Perhaps the church had the right idea when they suppressed everyone's sexuality. At least there was a reasonable chance of figuring out the parentage of children. My agriculture type uncle did suggest some years ago that children would have to be labelled (permanently) at birth otherwise incest was bound to take place in the future unbeknownst to the parties.

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There are so many levels of craziness in this one. The NotW story basically says that she became possessed with baby fever when she turned 40 and decided to maximize her chances. She also has that seemingly genetic advantage of Americans of knowing how to pose for a camera (the perfect look at the lens showing the perfect teeth). But what in God's name was Hoggart thinking? This doesn't do much for my impression of the Guardian.

every 10 seconds a woman in China gives birth to a child. And I think somebody shoudl find that woman and tell her to stop.

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