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Saturday, December 04, 2004  


The plumber got stroppy and I had to venture out to a bathroom supply store in a murky industrial park to buy 'fissure brackets'. I cut the latest token out of the Irish Times for the win a Mazda6 competition. I think most Irish Times readers would be too snobby to bother cutting out tokens and my chances could be very good. The IT itself is so snobby that they didn't cover "I'm A Celebrity" in their TV review this week. How can they ignore this broadcasting phenomenon. I was raging when Pat Kenny didn't call me when they gave away the 50k on the Late Late Show but the man who won seemed very nice.

And Rockflake continues to comment. I've a funny feeling I must know this person. How frustrating that identities are so easily concealed on the blog. On the subject of competition I offer in response to his Aer Lingus post that since competition was introduced into the electricity market (albeit for large business customers only) that electricity charges have increased (all with the approval of the regulator). In mobile telephony the arrival of Digifone/O2 into the market resulted in a nice cosy duopoly and Ireland continues to pay expensive mobile charges (...because we talk a lot...yeah right). (Meteor are too small to make an impact). And the next time Michael O'Leary is banging on about the evilness of Aer Rianta and Aer Lingus someone should remind him that Ryanair would have gone bust years ago except that when faced with bankruptcy, Aer Rianta gave them massive discounts on their landing charges, wrote of their debt AND gave them duty free goods at a huge discount so they could get some cash together to keep the company afloat. And I'd rather not have to hang around Stanstead, Heathrow or any other English airport to get a connecting flight to the continent. Aer Lingus fly directly into all the handy European airports and I want to keep it that way thanks very much. And Ryanair aren't even that bloody cheap. Pay in sterling, all the administrative charges, the wheelchair charge etc and before you know it you could have flown Aer Lingus and be treated like a human being. So we'll keep it just as it is. Like I say, if there's something in it for a private investor then there must be something in it for us. Rockflake. Hmmm.

Now I have to go write speeches for the Fine Gael convention on Monday night. They have to nominate someone to run in the by-election. I am of course the best candidate but as my child will be 6 weeks old when the election takes place rules me out. Anyway, do I really want to spend the rest of my life going to residents meetings and funerals on winter evenings? When they Dail sits from 9-5 and people want legislators instead of social workers I'll throw my hat in the ring.

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