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Tuesday, December 14, 2004  

More telecom thievery

In a previous post I complained bitterly about and to, O2 for keeping me on a pre-paid calling package that was completely inappropriate to my calling patterns and volume. I've agreed with them to postpone a complaint to the Regulator until my next bill comes to see if the 50% savings I made since switching to a lower package are maintained.

However, the episode prompted me to examine my fixed line bill. My bill had been coming in around €280-290 per two months. €90 + VAT of that is the flat charge for my broadband connection. €40 + VAT was for the standard line rental and the rest was call charges + VAT. Their sales people rang me in June and suggested I take advantage of a new calling package which would raise the line rental to €50 per two months but with various discounts should reduce my bill overall. At the same time I decided to cut back on calls and try and get the bill down. To my disappointment the bill never came down.

The examination that I conducted today however constituted most interesting reading. For example, in June I made nearly 100 calls to 087 numbers and was charged €28. In my most recent bill I only made 70 calls to 087 numbers and was charged €36 euro. A 30% decrease in my calling volume had resulted in a 30% INCREASE in calling charges!! Calls to national numbers and 086 numbers displayed a similar result. Outraged I spent 15 minutes trying to figure out their ridiculous customer care system - calling out my phone number and account number and answering yes or no to a machine until I got to talk to a human. My complaint was logged and I expected to be calling back in a few days to urge action and conduct a row. To be absolutely fair, about 10minutes after logging of said complaint, Mandy rang and immediately offered a refund acknowledging that I had been put on a completely inappropriate package for the simple reason that I make my calls during the day rather than in the evenings or at the weekends. Oh that O2 were similarly inclined. The moral of the story is: check your bill!! It would appear that Eircom are more sensitive to overcharging complaints than O2. We'll see what Danuta thinks when I escalate my complaint of their sinful practices.

ps Danuta is CEO of O2 Ireland. I tried to link to her page on the o2 website but she doesn't have one all to herself. However I couldn't help noticing that one of their press officers calls herself Aoifah. I hate people who spell their names in an overcomplicated Irish style. Ifah is the Jewish spelling and Aoife is the Irish spelling. Aoifah is just some affected bastardisation and doesn't exist. Silly cow.

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I've moved my fixed line to UTV. Bill went from E120 to E4, excluding line rental, which is still billed by Eircom. Free calls to Ireland and UK at all non peak times. May not suit you but well worth checking out. They do broadband but I only connected it a few days ago so don't know how that will affect my bill.


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