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Saturday, December 11, 2004  

Sartorial break-throughs

Driven to taking a scissors to the upper thigh of the wretched mothercare tights (whilst wearing them) (a most unattractive action unfortunately witnessed by M.)I abandoned them altogether and took the same scissors to the waistband of the father's pyjamas. I should stress that these are no ordinary pyjamas but beautiful Schiesser black cotton bottoms. Whatever richness of fabric is used, they are incredibly soft and when sleeping soundly discourage sweating and when adapted as day wear are extremely comfortable. I 'teamed' them (as a stylist would announce) with my Gap soft Jersey dress (black but with white flowers) sent from the US by the brother (as Gap don't do international shipping) and suddenly I had an eastern flavour to my garb. Delighted with myself I wore this ensemble for 3 days until a curry sauce spillage forced them into the laundry.

However, I followed up on Rockflake's suggestion. I think I had perused the bumpbasics site before but as desperation mounts I've ordered their maternity tights (because let's face it, the pyjamas might not go down well in some company), the knickers (which look very similar to the mothercare ones, but we'll do a trial) and as the big day approaches I also went for the 7 pack disposable knickers (for post-natal use). They are made from polypropelene. How comforting. Still, it's an Irish site so the total cost is about €20. Will test drive and report.

On a matter far more tedious but I suppose important, I found myself for the second time this year in agreement with Herr McDowell. To hell with the IRA. Why can't they say no more criminal activity. Of course a relation (on my side) in the North, did say at the time of the Good Friday agreement that the DUP and Sinn Fein would keep arguing until they were sure that the UUP and SDLP were out of the equation. Once that was assured they'd sit down and divide power between themselves. So I have no doubt they'll sort it presently. In the meantime, I turn off the radio when Adams/Paisley come on. They are both shits.

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