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Sunday, January 02, 2005  

Bush and Cabbage

Tee hee. Thanks to PO'Neill for this link.

Also, congratulations to the robbers of the Northern Bank. Although the cops and bank officials would have us believe that most of the "upwards of £22million" (which to me says probably £30m) is unspendable as its traceable, I refuse to believe that such a genius crime would have been committed unless they had a plan for the cash. If they are in any doubt I think they should donate loads of it to the Asia disaster appeal. Then dare the Northern bank not to honour the notes. After all, they've written it off anyway, so why not give it the victims of the wave?

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Another bit of Northern Bank bravado from early on was that they knew the serial nos of the stolen cash. It turns out that the serial numbers they alerted everyone to watch out for were wrong:

Personally, I like the story about the priest in West belfast who was celebrating mass on the Sunday following the robbery. As the collection plate went around he told the congregation that he would accept donations in Northern Bank fivers.

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