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Monday, January 24, 2005  


So I lied. One more post. Have been inspired by the immensely satisfying experiencing of defrosting the icebox on Sunday. I know that Sundays are supposed to be days without unncessary work and that defrosting should be a passive experience, but driven by nesting hormones and inches of ice which threatened to crack the door, I felt compelled to attack. I plugged the fridge out on Saturday night, packing the depleted food supplies into a basin. Laid out various water collection devices from newspapers and floor cloths to strategically placed trays. By Sunday lunchtime I had collected a lot of water and yet there were frustrating plates of ice coated underneath and at the sides of the compartment. At the rate I was going the fridge would be sitting unused for 3 days and the weekly shop had to be done. Sharp implements and hot water, expressly forbidden by the manufacturers were called for. After an hour of frenzied attack which amazingly seems not to have damaged the appliance I had a sink full of plates of ice. Fortunately they hadn't melted by the time husband and child returned from quality afternoon together so I could display my achievement. Strangely my pride didn't earn the plaudits I had anticipated. Nevertheless, I felt very capable and in charge of my life. If only everything else in life was so simple.

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I use a hair dryer to help defrost our freezer. Unplug the freezer and then use the hair dryer to warm the extremities of the ice, after a while it'll begin to drop off in big chunks. Nice and easy. Remember to keep the hair dryer away from the water, there's no point in defrosting the freezer and electrocuting yourself.
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