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Monday, January 10, 2005  

God and disaster

John Waters addresses this in his column today. Unusually for John he is not too hysterical and thus, his ability to write and analyse comes through. He concludes as follows:

"This is a big subject - the biggest there is - and I suspect that, now the culture of dissociation has begun to dissolve, the journalistic life of this "story" is only just beginning. To further this all-important investigation, I would like to recommend to both Vincent and Patsy a splendid book, extraordinarily germane to this matter and yet, it seems, unknown to anyone I have encountered commenting on it. When Bad Things Happen To Good People was written 24 years ago by an American rabbi, Harold S. Kushner, in an attempt to reconcile his faith with the death of his son, who had died aged 14 of progeria, a rapid ageing syndrome. The book addresses issues raised in the Book of Job about the irreconcilability of conventional ideas that God is, at once, all-powerful and just. Kushner's conclusion is startlingly simple, yet rational: God is all-loving but not all-powerful. Reduced, the book's analysis is that the world remains incomplete and imperfect, and no longer within the scope of its Creator. The reason we are here is to aid God's work of completion. God helps us in certain ways, but He neither causes things to happen nor is able to prevent them. The bad things that happen are neither punishments nor tests - simply events, and God is entirely innocent."

Isn't this the same conclusion which Philip Pullman draws in His Dark Materials (different genre obviously but nevertheless). God was just the first angel (being), not the most superior angel and he's feeble and he dies.

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Im Just more Curious as to your view of the whole god ( Does He/ Doesnt He) Exist question.
As im sure you will see from my Own blog im a follower of Science be it cold and cruel, at least it is the truth.
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