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Sunday, January 02, 2005  

New Year tidings

Have received some complaints regarding the blog - principally related to the devotion to topics such as knickers. But then as one commentator has suggested: "you are the Sunday Independent of blogs; politics and knickers on one page". Maybe I should give Aengus a call. To appeal to him I suppose I'd have to include a photograph of myself since he likes to put his own photo, and those of his journos, liberally throughout the paper.

In any event, it is my blog and I can write anything I want on it. Prepare yourself for further updates on preparation for labour. Due date is 27th of January. The midwife visited this morning and the good news is that the head is engaged but the bad news is that the baby is posterior. This means that its spine is against my spine (limbs punching the tummy). For ease of exit it should be the other way round. The cure is to crawl around on all fours for the next few weeks in the hope of encouraging Jr. to turn around.

In the world outside my womb the Indian Ocean disaster is totally depressing and I have supported the Irish Red Cross Appeal. However I was irritated to see that local do-gooders have placed boxes for non-perishable items at nearby supermarkets with a note on the box explaining how brilliant they are and that they were motivated 'to do something' because they are wonderful people. The Red Cross has specifically asked people not to donate anything except money as supplies are available locally and do not need expensive transportation. I am tempted to call the chief do-gooder and point this out but no doubt they'd get all snotty. Also tempted to call a radio station to complain but I'm trying to make it a general policy not to phone radio stations. I maybe a housewife now, but there are limits.

I notice that Bush finally and graciously interrupted his holiday to look as if he cares about Muslims and poor people who live in places that have no oil. Too late. The Financial Times noted some days ago that despite the enormity of the disaster, the international financial markets were unaffected since those areas and people decimated by the waves are amongst the poorest in the world and are economically irrelevant. However,it did show some sense to send Jeb with Powell to Banda Aceh since he used to looking at weather induced devastation in Florida.

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