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Friday, January 07, 2005  

Northern Bank

Orde's statement today was not only predictable in laying blame with the IRA but also in admitting the true amount of cash nicked. As I suspected the figure was closer to £30m rather than the £22m originally revealed. £26m +. I am not sure how effective the withdrawal of Northern Bank currency will be in an attempt to thwart the thieves. How can you withdraw it? Does every individual with Northern Bank notes have to show up with them at a branch? Will have to see the detail of this.

But my old friend McDowell is having a ball. As regular readers are well aware I despise this fascist creep but on at least one occasion per season I find myself in agreement with him. By not automatically taking a contrary position to him on every issue, I think this displays reasonableness* on my part. (* I had to check that was actually a word: believe it or not, it is.)

Turning the IRA into a respectable OD (ordinary decent) criminal gang doesn't cut it with me. As long as Sinn Fein have a threat of violence behind them in the form on an armed gang, be their aims political or monetary, then they are not legitimate members of a democratic system. And I don't care about their mandate. Their mandate is strong because people believe:
1. They had and continue to have the capability to persuade the IRA to give up terrorism because they are intrinsically linked: if they weren't, from whence would their influence derive?
2. Due to this intrinsic link, some people are attracted to the vigilante powers of IRA/Sinn Fein. This was articulated very clearly on call-in radio programmes after the local elections. Callers freely admitted they voted Sinn Fein because their people kept manners on local creeps.
3. In the face of the collapse of the SDLP ( the cause of which I will return to a later date), Sinn Fein is an articulate voice for anti-unionism in the North. I deliberately hesitate from using the term nationalist as I see that as a more respectable and honourable description. I'm a nationalist and puke at the thought that Sinn Fein might speak for me.

So I reserve the right to be snobby about Sinn Fein until they abandon the 'weasel words', as McDowell said, and come straight out and condemn all criminal activity.

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well there is a surprise yet another middle class uni educated feminist who depises mc dowell - except on the north.

there you lap up unquestioningly all his says about sf.

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