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Wednesday, March 09, 2005  

Councillors don't eat rice

My father is a County Councillor and currently Chairman of the General Council of County Councillors, the national organisation for councillors. You can check him out and his colleagues here. As you can see, most councillors, like him are middle aged to elderly rural men who busy themselves with local politics, struggling for services which seem petty in the international scheme of things but which are the cause of huge rows and upsets throughout the country. They also busy themselves attending meetings and very important conferences, such as those organised by the General Council of County Councillors. The conferences are a central part of the councillors' lives. Here they learn all about the details of the infrastructure (water, sewerage, transport etc) that they work to provide and of course, they also get to collect lucrative travelling expenses.
Anyway, at a recent event, the organiser was heard to recount a bitter tale of trying to keep councillors at these conferences happy. He warned those present never to bother trying to do things too fancy for these guys because it would not be appreciated. Councillors like things a certain way, and to mess with their fine tastes would earn their wrath. At one event, he ordered the hotel to serve a buffet of Chicken a la King with rice as the evening meal on the first day of the conference since he knew from experience that many would arrive in late and it would be difficult to serve a more formal meal. He was however berated for serving up such muck to men more used to meat,spuds and two veg. A particular councillor listed many complaints regarding his organisation of the event but finished with the line, "and remember, councillors don't eat rice!"
As the story was recounted to my father, to the peals of laughter from us multi-cultural cuisine eating sophisticates, he nodded his head gravely and added, "He's right. I was raging when I saw the menu."

So in case you wondered: councillors don't eat rice.
What a title for a book.

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well i did hear a story about a county council member who tried to remove choccie biscuits from council meetings in an effort to save some money, i think he wanted to replace them with scones, as they're allegedly more healthy than choccie biscuits (as if health choices should even come into the equation when you're consdiering choccie biscuits). riots, naturally, ensued.
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