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Sunday, March 27, 2005  

Latest Sunday Times

Here's a link to the ST and my latest article. I'll publish it here later. Unfortunately you don't get to see my photo that they put on the front of the News Review section. It's quite funny. Almost as if I'm someone important. I thought: how my enemies will puke. Then I was informed that a few of my friends are puking too. Is it a core part of human nature to feel a little frightened when someone you know does well? I did always like that Gore Vidal line "every time one of my friends succeeds, a little part of me dies". Is there anyone who doesn't panic a little at peer success? Perhaps once it's not in an area in which you have an interest. Hmmm. I must examine my own soul on this issue.
By the way, I totally got over that previous depression and cycled to the village for the papers. I suspect I looked a bit cracked but didn't care.

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