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Tuesday, April 19, 2005  

Coy Irish media

We're all familiar with police codes like someone 'helping them with their enquiries'. But the reluctance of the meeja to call a spade a spade and decode official speak is a bit over the top in the case of Sharon Grace and her two children. When I first saw the report come in of the terrible triple drowning I read the copy in anticipation of getting details of how this accident could have occured. Instead we got 'police do not regard the deaths as being suspicious'. Added details were given that Sharon got a taxi into Wexford on the night she died and that they were reported missing at 2.25am. Later reports continued to be vague repeating a new line that 'police were not seeking anyone in connection with the deaths'. This could still have meant that they were caught be a freak wave, fell off a pier, anything. The suicide confirmation only came via comments from neighbours who said they didn't realise she was so upset over a custody row. Why wouldn't the meeja just say it was a suspected suicide? And in anticipation of snotty comments from some hostile readers, yes, I am appalled by the deaths. Tenner says John Waters does a column next week noting how differently this case will be reported in comparison to a case a few years ago where a father drove off a pier with his two sons, also in connection with a custody row.

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Perhaps such reticence is based on an understanding of the "copycat" phenomenon in relation to suicides?
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