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Friday, April 01, 2005  

Earth mother progress

Baby slept through its 1am feed for the last three nights! Now I'm "only" woken between 4 and 5am! Looking good.

The anti-management system has ensured total peace for a couple of weeks now. I sent my husband to the guest room so I didn't feel guilty waking him when I was feeding the baby. And, there's no point in both of us having our sleep interrupted. Then, at the 4am feed, I take the baby into the bed with me and feed him lying down. We gently drift off to sleep with him still suckling. In the morning we wake up together. As we stir he engages in some intense stretching. Then he looks up at me from the crook of my arm and gives me a huge big smile and I give him one back and we're really happy. It's like waking up with someone you've just fallen in love with. Which I suppose is exactly what's happening. No doubt, I am establishing a serious Oedipal complex for him.

Only one item for concern now. The last two nights, as I sit up in the dim light, breastfeeding quietly, I've spied a mouse sneaking around. I bought mouse traps but did you know that they are actually quite tricky to set? I will report if we catch him/her. Hope its just the one. Unlikely.

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