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Friday, April 01, 2005  

Joe Higgins

Hats off to our lone Socialist TD. He flew to Amsterdam yesterday with 4 Turkish migrant workers yesterday and found money that their employers had secretly stashed in bank accounts under their names. This allowed the company to show inspectors that they had paid the workers their proper wages but by keeping the accounts a secret they still held onto the money themselves. This is what TDs are for and Joe has done something great for all politicians.

The bank revealed that there are thousands of accounts, some 'held' by workers who have long left the company,GAMMA, which has won several major construction contracts in Ireland by underbidding more reputable companies. The astonishing thing is that this incredible intervention by Higgins has gone completely ignored by The Irish Times today and is briefly mentioned by the Indo. Why on earth is such a major story being ignored? Has this anything to do with the fact that the rather sinister Joe Murray of Murray Consultants has been appointed GAMMA's PR agency? Very odd.

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It did feature on the News at One yesterday, with a lengthy interview by phone, you can catch it on the RTE website
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