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Monday, April 25, 2005  


Haven't been posting much for two reasons. 1. My ST job is consuming my writing time and 2. That 10 week growth spurt nearly killed me. However I think I've sorted out the feeding. First off I did a 'dream feed' for the third night last night (feeding the baby from a bottle whilst still asleep at 10.30pm). It worked! Didn't budge till 6am. Also realised that due to extremely busy life have been cutting short the day feeds. The phone would ring or the other child would whinge and I'd take baby off the boob or he'd finish, I'd burp him and put him down. I'm making a big effort to let him finish in his own time and when he does finish I offer him the other breast. He's much happier and is napping much better in the day time now. Poor babies. They just need time and the phone will have to ring.

On career fronts my column in the ST will be moving from the News Review section into the main paper next week as I'm standing in for Alan Ruddock who's on holiers. This means I get to write about proper news things instead of 'lifestyle' issues. Now two years ago I could write 2000 words on anything because I was totally involved in politics and meeja stuff. This week I am going to have re-tune into hard news. I started this morning by listening to Morning Ireland instead of Today. The only thing that really struck me is how trivial everything sounds. I used to sneer at people that didn't watch or listen to the news, but to be honest, you can have a reasonably functioning intellect and ignore day-to-day news quite easily. I didn't even watch the papal inauguration yesterday. I heard he's still smiling tho. Still thing I'm right about him (that he's going to be quite nice).

By the way, those lambs are fattening up nicely. I watch them every day from the kitchen and I can just see them on my dinner table in a few months!

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just read your abso stuff on st very good, good to hear the other side.
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