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Tuesday, April 05, 2005  


Caught it. Good thing too. M. was secretly convinced that there was no mouse at all. He never saw it. I saw it all the time because I would be feeding the baby in our bedroom alone. We would be very quiet and I suppose the mouse didn't realise we were there. So he'd sneak out, have a look around and spotting us, scurry off to a corner. Now I'm not actually afraid of mice, but it is a bit creepy knowing they're down there, and you might accidentally step on it or something, or it would brush by your feet when you got up in the night.
We put cheese in the mouse traps and after 3 nights, nothing. M. was sure therefore that the mouse existed only in my head. Fortunately, my mother suggested chocolate as bait. Within 1 hour, we had a dead mouse. It was a bit sad, but better a trap than a cat. The cats carry them around alive for a while. Personally I think we should leave the traps set. I find it hard to believe there is only 1 mouse.

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Sarah, someone told me a tip before that seemed to make sense but I've never had need to try it out. A good bait for a mouse trap is half a Rolo. The viscosity of the caramel forces the mouse to pull on it harder, which increases the probability of it being caught.
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