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Friday, April 01, 2005  

Pope death watch

Brian Dobson dumped his blue suit from the 6pm News and showed up at 9pm in a black one and black tie. He must have been raging that the Pope didn't die on his watch...there's always tomorrow. He was there to help out Eileen Whelan, also in black. I wonder was she annoyed?
Then, just in case we were in any doubt that things don't look too good, Bloody Miriam O'Callaghan was stuck on a plane to Rome. She's in a black dress. I'd say Joe Little, the Vatican correspondent is just hoping that JP goes before they send out Charlie Bird. Joe is somber enough at the best of times, so if a little unpolished, he's not too offensive to watch. Charlie's breathless reports would be just too much right now.
Now that I have an interest in the success of a certain Sunday newspaper, the optimum time for an announcement is tomorrow (Sat) lunchtime. The worst case scenario is a Sunday morning death - then all the Sunday papers look really stupid and out of date.
For the first time since our move to the country and three channel land (RTE1, RTE2 and TV3; we can't even get TG4) I miss Sky. It's at times like this they come into their own. I'd say they're getting hysterical at this point.

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